Solo Smarts #120: Susie Miller Values Relationships

Susie Albert Miller, MA, MDiv is The Better Relationship Coach™. As a therapist and coach for the last 20+ years, Susie’s passion is to help people keep from settling for mediocre relationships with those they love and through the process, help them learn to love God and even themselves, better. Susie is a joy to […]

How to Create an Excellent Customer Experience

How to Keep Clients Happy

If you’re a solopreneur providing services to clients, then keeping your clients happy is important. One way you can make sure clients stay happy is by providing them with a welcome packet when they decide to work with you. Erin writes, Clients love systems because it lets them know what to expect, and keeps them […]


Staying Focused in a Noisy World

As a solopreneur, the amount of information coming at us each day coupled with, all the amazing ideas we have and want so desperately to take action on, can end up sending us straight into overwhelm. I’m willing to bet that the majority of you have a list of fabulous ideas that you have heard from […]


Solopreneurs Partner with Other Solopreneurs

This is a Guest Post by Alice Seba of All Custom Content. (This article was originally published as a chapter in the first edition of Solopreneurs Are Smarter.) One thing that has become clear through Kelly’s writing (in Solopreneurs Are Smarter) is that solopreneurs make very good use of the resources at their disposal. They don’t […]


Nine Quick Thoughts About Creativity

Finding success as a Solopreneur will depend a lot on the creativity you bring to your projects. It’s not about being more creative than the next guy – it’s about letting the creativity that’s uniquely YOU out to play. 9 Thoughts About Creativity Everybody has a little creativity even if they think they don’t. Some […]


New Image Suite WordPress Plugin

Well, this is pretty cool.  They just keep making it easier to add images to your blog posts. Image Suite 2.0 lets you easily search online photo libraries, edit the photo and insert it into your post. I installed, searched, edited and inserted a pic in less than five minutes… watch me :) I only […]