Solo Smarts #103: Can You Grow Without Travel?

A long time listener write me recently to express some frustration.  ‘You’re always pushing some live event!’  Eeks! She went on to share how travel is not possible for her, at least not for the time being.  Her email ended with a question.  ‘Do I stand a chance at growing a business without live events?’ […]

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Get My Underline Doodles!

All of my Image Monthly Subscribers are getting these (and more) cute attention getting Underline Doodles as their extra special bonus with the September Issue. What? You’re not subscribed?  Well, let’s take care of that right now :) Sign Up Here


Curation Challenge Afterglow (All Invited!)

I’m hosting an evening ‘Afterglow’ event for my August Curation Challenge Alumni. The date is Wednesday, September 3rd and the time is 8pm Eastern. All are invited to join us to hear about how 21 days of curation helped my Challengers build traffic, make friends and achieve awesome results. I’ve set up a Facebook Event […]

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Social Content Intern Wanted

Solo Smarts is on the lookout for a Social Content Intern. You will help to create and re-purpose content and distribute it through a large number of social sites.  You will also engage in strategic social media activity. You’ll use sites like: Facebook Google+ YouTube Pinterest Slideshare Scribd You’ll engage in activities like: Creating list posts. […]


Blogging Concentrated Grand Rapids 2014

We had a great time at the Blogging Concentrated event held at the BizStream offices yesterday.  (August 24, 2014) Enjoyed learning from Dan R. Morris and Rachel Martin as always. Special thanks to our guest presenters, Leslie Samuel (Become a Blogger), Jason Elkins (100 Cups) & Cindy Bidar (All Quality Websites). When you get a chance to […]


Come With Me To The Virtual Beach House

I LOVE traveling to live events and especially love these events we’re hosting on the Beach – but I well remember what it was like to have to stand down from travel opportunities. First it was because I couldn’t afford it.  It’s not that the event itself was so expensive, it was all the related […]


August Content Curation Challenge Mid Way Thoughts

My August Content Curation Challenge is more than half way done at this point and my Challengers are starting to share results. Tracy Roberts shared some exciting traffic numbers, demonstrating that even a short term of curation activity has led to almost double the traffic on her blog, I love that her numbers prove even […]


Let’s Go On A Writing Date Together (Sorta)

My friend Natalie wrote about how to go on a Writing Date recently and it sparked a whole new idea that led to National Writing Date Day!  Don’t you love how things get momentum like that? I will definitely be heading out for a Writing Date at a local Biggby’s Coffee – how about you? […]

Drop Kick Mediocrity & Finally Outsource

I found another blog today with a powerful message I couldn't wait to share with my solopreneur readers! Maggie Patterson writes about needing to let … [Read More...]

When You’re Scared Of Being Big

All the font size changes in this post + the wide wide width of the content makes this really good post hard to take in. But still, it's a really … [Read More...]

Should I Start Posting Income Reports?

I've kept in eye on the income reports posted over here for awhile... Matthew Woodward says: "One of the most popular posts I publish are my income … [Read More...]

Do You Treat Yourself Well At Work?

My Google Alert for 'Solopreneur' served me well today - I found this gem of content about 'being a good boss' to ourselves. A quote... "We sit at … [Read More...]

Advice On Making Decisions

I was invited by Therese Sparby to participate in a Round Table Podcast about Decision Making.  I'm still pinching myself about it, being on with … [Read More...]


Tishia Lee

Meet Solo Masterminds Member: Tishia Lee, of Tishia Saves Time Located in: Haslett, Michigan, US Personal Bio: Tishia Lee is a single mom to one who got fed up with him being raised in a daycare center. She was tired of dead-end, low-paying, crappy hours jobs and knew something had to give. Thanks to a friend, […]


Shannon Smith

Meet Solo Masterminds Member: Shannon Smith, of Appetite for Design Located in: Valdosta, GA, US Personal Bio: A child of God and a single work at home mom of one recently turned teenage boy, Shannon has been a Graphic Designer for many moons and considers it her passion and hobby as well as her career. […]


Paul Taubman

  Meet Solo Masterminds Member: Paul Taubman, of I Need Help With WordPress Located in: Somerville, NJ, US Personal Bio: I help. Therefore I am. Business Information: I help people make money with their websites. What They’re Looking For These Days: To provide value to your people through speaking gigs, podcast interviews, unique webinars designed […]